Hi there, it’s me. Robert Blessing, a growth marketer, Online marketing expert, and the author of the articles on my blog.

I get super-excited when it comes to Conversion Optimization, Growth Hacking and Performance Marketing.

For me Online Marketing does not end after a lead is generated or a user is acquired.

Instead I believe in growth marketing that:

  • works closely with Product, Design and Customer Support and looks at the entire customer journey
  • is based on data and facts and is testing new ideas regularily
  • is focused on solving pains and giving benefits to users

I’ve worked with agencies, consulting firms, SaaS / B2B companies and B2C startups helping them with paid advertising, content marketing, marketing automation, landing page optimization as well as conversion rate optimization accross the entire marketing funnel. 

Currently… Growth Hacking at Zuper

Previously… Online Marketing Consultant at etventure, Head of Marketing at Online Tennis Instruction (OTI), Head of International Business Development at rent-a-guide, Founder/CEO of LocalGuiding (acquired by rent-a-guide)

Besides …

I’m a passionate traveler, coffee addict, mountain biker, alumni @startupchile, lover of the sharing economy.

I was born in Germany and have lived and worked in Germany, Australia, France, Uruguay and Chile.