Take your customers from “What is this” to “Aha, I need this”


My No-Bullshit Online Marketing Principles:

#1 Customer-focused: you can’t grow your business without understanding your customers

#2 Conversion-focused: paid marketing should mostly be spent on traffic that converts (or at least has clear measurable goals).

#3 Maximize learning through marketing automation: to be able to continuously test, learn and optimize we need to clearly define each step of the customer journey and automate this funnel as much as possible.

#4 Acquisition is just one piece of the puzzle: marketing should be involved in every stage of the funnel to turn traffic into buyers/users and loyal customers/repetitive buyers.



I help startups getting quality traffic that converts and get better business results through conversion-focused marketing campaigns along the entire customer journey. 

 I believe marketing should NOT stop after the user/lead is acquired – I believe marketing should be involved in every step of the funnel.

I get super-excited when it comes to understanding the customer and building great online experiences that help them solve their biggest problems, all without shady & aggressive marketing.

I see myself as a full-stack marketer who is hands-on and works closely with product, customer success & sales to optimize the entire customer journey & create outstanding customer experiences.

I’ve worked with several successful startups helping them with positioning, messaging, copy, paid traffic, SEO, content marketing, marketing automation as well as conversion rate optimization accross the entire marketing funnel.

Acquisition is just one piece of the puzzle

When working with me, we’ll develop, implement and optimize every step of the funnel…

… from demand gen (1.) to the first point of contact (2.) to lead gen (3.) and lead nurturing (4.) to converting leads into customers (5.) and customers into long term users / repetitive buyers (6.).

Some call it marketing automation, others CRM optimizations – i simply call it “conversion-focused marketing machine” 😉

Are you working and optimizing already all these 6 steps of your funnel mentioned above? 

I’m happy to help – just connect with me on LinkedIn and let me know your questions.  

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